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#17732 - Sadly it was then that T’s dad died, and of course everybody was devastated, it took a long time for them to get over it, and that’s where my story really starts… A few years later and I was now 15, and spend a lot of time round T’s house, the only reason being that V hardly ever searched the boys bedroom as they both kept them clean, mine was a complete tip and my mom found my porno stash many times, but V hardly ever cleaned their rooms, and when she did we had plenty of notice so all the porno was made to disappear. My cock just kept pumping out spunk, it was on her arms, stomach, tits and her face. V put her hands on my hips and pulled me towards her, the first shot of spunk landed on her chin and tits, the next shot right into the air and over her shoulder I had lost control now and was wrapped up in the realisation of what I was doing, shooting spunk over V, and her begging for me to do it.

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