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#106336 - Nowhere hell it told me she'd gotten into them damn little syringe bottles again and somehow put some of the stuff in that glowing red Devil faced bottle which told me oh shit, here we go!! She'd told me during little mommas last sex slave adventure that bottle with that glowing red color and the Devils face somehow imprinted or hand blown glassed that way was the Devils own brewed elixir potion and was some serious demonic shit!! She'd seen it given and used at one of wild ass demonic cult festivals and the poor gal that got it being given to Satan Himself did stuff and talked in languages none of the other witches and cultist could understand but it damn sure Summoned A Demon up and he wild as hell looking all red and looked just like Satan himself!! Now after consuming this potion nothing seemed to happen like right off the bat at all but about 15 or so minutes later I saw and did Snake Lady really intently watching my wife and we noticed he

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