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#203482 - ” Gayle just smiled as she snuggled into him; she knew, they both did, that they needed to get dressed and head to the party to at least make an appearance and she was, after finally letting herself go with Victor, eager to let her coworkers see the new Gayle, the woman who was in love, the woman who was brave enough to wear the sexy costume she had purchased on a whim earlier that day, the woman who no longer hid behind baggy clothing and sarcasm. ” She tossed a keycard to Mike before turning and starting for the door to the small alcove they were in while laughing evilly, a sound that caused the three men to shudder, “Just make damn sure she’s not back at work ever again!” “Hey, what if we get caught?” David asked, the fear slurring his words slightly; the nice buzz he had worked so hard to achieve a long forgotten memory. “Oh God Victor…oh please…I…Please Victor…” She begged desperately, not knowing what she needed or even wanted; but she knew if anyone could give her what he

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The mom and daughters moans were a turn off way to fake