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#355038 - Sweat was dripping off the tips of her taut swollen nipples and Bree was rapidly breathing hard with her mouth parted open… Duke she whispered in a tight voice as Bree closed her eyes and felt that thick long massive cock jack-hammering into her tight quivering hole without let, her pussy being stimulated and filled to a level she has never before experienced - a mental image visualized of Duke mounted over her ramming into her for all he was worth with the biggest cock she ever had – real or fake! Duke pounded so violently and as Bree later told me, she couldn’t hold back - the unique shape, massive girth and massive length of the hot thrusting throbbing cock fully filling and expanding her vaginal sheath as her vaginal walls again began clamping down at the onset of another orgasm. An explosion of a very large copious quantity of hot fluid far more powerful than the precum ejaculations.

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